We are proud to offer four different learning environments within our unique school district. Students can choose from traditional, project-based, Montessori, and virtual styles of learning.

Birchwood Elementary, Middle, and High School (grades Pre-K-12)

The Birchwood Traditional School is a comprehensive PK-12 school that meets the varied needs of a wide range of students through a traditional, yet innovative, style of learning/teaching.
Our traditional education- Provides students with 
•A high-quality education
•Low teacher-to-student ratio
•Learner-centered classrooms
•Structured schedules 
•High-quality academic preparation
•Innovative teaching and technology integration
Our traditional education- fosters an environment of
•Critical thinking and problem solving
•21st Century learning
•Group work and individual work
•Differentiated instruction
•Creativity and Innovation

Birchwood Public Montessori (grades Pre-K-6)

The BPM is a child-focused environment built on the Montessori philosophy that understands, supports, and honors the child as an individual.  The BPM serves students in grades PK-6 in three multi-age classrooms.
A Montessori education 
•fosters inner-discipline
•sparks innate curiosity and motivation to learn
•builds character, and a sense of social and global responsibility
The Montessori curriculum – through a teacher prepared environment, directed activity, and stimulating lessons, students
•work individually and in small groups
•progress at their own pace in a non-competitive environment 
•take initiative towards academic accomplishment
•learn through lessons emphasizing creative problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity

Birchwood Blue Hills Charter School (grades 7-12)

A project-based school designed for students in grades 7-12.
The BBHCS Provides Students:
•A low teacher to student ratio (1:15)
•Student-driven curriculum
•A flexible time frame for study
•Hands-on learning experiences
•Individualized project learning
•Student created Personal Learning Plans
•A technology rich environment
•Personal space
BBHCS Students:
•Become life-long learners
•Are effective communicators
•Are problem solvers
•Are active in the community
•Manage time and resources effectively
•Attain a well-rounded education
•Have choice and voice

Bobcat Virtual Academy (grades 4K-12)

#FreedomConnectionsAccountability--A K-12 Grade Virtual Learning Environment.
Freedom - in when, where, and how learning takes place
•Create individual schedule
•Complete coursework wherever Internet access is available
•Choose from a wide variety of courses
Connections - with peers and teachers
•Weekly virtual group and individual meetings
•Optional Connection Days and field trips such as
    •Tactical Escape 101
    •Science Museum of Minnesota
•Eligible for extracurricular activities
Accountability - including WI licensed teacher and student support coach
•Progress monitoring
•Weekly individual meetings with student support coach