District Profile

District Profile


“We are Birchwood, the innovative community school, engaging students with incredible opportunities that develop individuals who are outstandingly skilled and qualified-both on paper and in person.” 

Our Goals:

Goal #1: Student Achievement:  Students will be confident in their knowledge and ability and will be performing among the best in the nation.

Goal #2: Teachers:  Teachers will be welcomed and appreciated by the school and community.  They will work collaboratively with each other to increase pride within the district.

Goal #3: Funding:  Birchwood will create new and innovative revenue sources that support and expand intergenerational learning opportunities.

Goal #4: Technology:  Birchwood School will be a center for community knowledge, application, and use of technology for all.

Goal #5: Community Involvement:  Birchwood School and its student success will be the focus of the community.

Goal #6: Redesigning Special Education:  Assign qualified, inspired staff to create pointed, action-driven IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) for qualifying students.

Our School/Community:

Birchwood is a rural community located in northwest Wisconsin.  The Village of Birchwood numbers just under 500 residents, and the local school system enrolls slightly more than 300 K-12 students, but community members, parents and students will tell you great things can be found in small packages.

Birchwood School is the central hub to many opportunities in our area and provides our students with a variety of unique learning practices. Because of this practice, we pull in students via open enrollment from several area school districts. Geographically, the district encompasses nearly 200 square miles with a population density of 12.9 compared to 80.0 nationally.  Families send their children to Birchwood not because of geographic convenience, but because they value 1) the safe educational climate, 2) strong family and community support and involvement, 3) strong academic expectations at all levels, and 4) high graduation standards.  Birchwood’s attraction as a small regional school is validated by Wisconsin Taxpayers’ Alliance statistics that identify Birchwood as among the 7th highest of K-12 schools in open enrollment participants. Students attend from up to 35 miles away

Individually Unique-Together Complete

Creating different pathways to the high school diploma and offering different types of diplomas acknowledges multiple intelligences in learning and validates individual choice. Our school slogan, “Individually Unique-Together Complete” summarizes the makeup of our district as our students have the opportunity the choose from a number of learning environments. 

Preschool: Students who are 4 years old by September 1st can enroll in either of our preschool programs. Choose from our Traditional Elementary School or our multi-aged Montessori Program.

Elementary School: Students in Kindergarten-5th Grade can choose from our Traditional Elementary School, Birchwood Public Montessori, or our Bobcat Virtual Academy.

Middle School: Students in grades 6-8 can choose from our Traditional Middle School, Birchwood Public Montessori (6th Grade), Birchwood Blue Hills Charter School (7-8 Grade), or Bobcat Virtual Academy.

High School: Students in grades 9-12 can choose from our Traditional High School, Project Based Birchwood Blue Hills Charter School, or the Bobcat Virtual Academy.  Students also have the opportunity to enroll in our Youth Options classes that allow college credit as high school students.

Birchwood Elementary, Middle, and High School (grades Pre-K-12)

The Birchwood Traditional School is a comprehensive PK-12 school that meets the varied needs of a wide range of students through a traditional, yet innovative, style of learning/teaching.
Our traditional education- Provides students with 
•A high-quality education
•Low teacher-to-student ratio
•Learner centered classrooms
•Structured schedules 
•High quality academic preparation
•Innovative teaching and technology integration
Our traditional education- fosters an environment of
•Critical thinking and problem solving
•21st Century learning
•Group work and individual work
•Differentiated instruction
•Creativity and Innovation

Birchwood Public Montessori (grades Pre-K-6)

The BPM is a child-focused environment built on the Montessori philosophy that understands, supports, and honors the child as an individual.  The BPM serves students in grades PK-6 in three multi-age classrooms.
A Montessori education 
•fosters inner-discipline
•sparks innate curiosity and motivation to learn
•builds character, and a sense of social and global responsibility
The Montessori curriculum – through a teacher prepared environment, directed activity, and stimulating lessons, students
•work individually and in small groups
•progress at their own pace in a non-competitive environment 
•take initiative towards academic accomplishment
•learn through lessons emphasizing creative problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity

Birchwood Blue Hills Charter School (grades 7-12)

A project-based school designed for students in grades 7-12.
The BBHCS Provides Students:
•A low teacher to student ratio (1:15)
•Student-driven curriculum
•A flexible timeframe for study
•Hands-on learning experiences
•Individualized project learning
•Student created Personal Learning Plans
•A technology rich environment
•Personal space
BBHCS Students:
•Become life-long learners
•Are effective communicators
•Are problem solvers
•Are active in the community
•Manage time and resources effectively
•Attain a well rounded education
•Have choice and voice

Bobcat Virtual Academy (grades K-12)

#FreedomConnectionsAccountability--A K-12 Grade Virtual Learning Environment.
Freedom - in when, where, and how learning takes place
•Create individual schedule
•Complete coursework wherever Internet access is available
•Choose from a wide variety of courses
Connections - with peers and teachers
•Weekly virtual group and individual meetings
•Optional Connection Days and field trips such as
   •Tactical Escape 101
   •Science Museum of Minnesota
•Eligible for extracurricular activities
Accountability - including WI licensed teacher and student support coach
•Progress monitoring
•Weekly individual meetings with student support coach