Tech Policy Video

2020-2021 Technology Policy Requirements for students in 6th-12th Grade

Middle School 2020-21

  • Middle School students will have individual devices that will be stored in a classroom cart, but need to fill out paperwork.
  • Classroom sets of Chromebooks will be available in Middle School Classrooms
  • Students can use devices before or after school to complete assignments outside of the classroom.

High School Changes for 2020-21

  • High School students will be issued a Chromebook for the school year 
  • High School students must purchase insurance to take device home
  • Insurance costs changed to $30 per device

Requirements for participation in the ONE-TO-ONE Technology and Chromebook Program Policy

  • View Technology Policy Video (video)
  • Print, Sign, and return One-to-One Technology and Chromebook Program Policy and Permission form (Form Only / Policy and Form)
  • Print, Sign, and return Technology Acceptable Use Form (Form and Policy)
  • Print, Sign, and return Insurance Form (High School Only-Must return whether or not insurance is purchased) - (Form)

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