Career Cruising

Birchwood Students (grades 6-12) use Career Cruising as a tool to learn more about themselves and to develop their Academic and Career Plan (ACP). Career Cruising offers the following assessments:

  • Interest Inventory
  • Ability Profiler
  • Skills Inventory
  • Learning Styles Inventory
In addition, Career Cruising includes information on careers, education, employment trends and more.  Each student has a personal Career Cruising account with an e-portfolio. The e-portfolio will be built in grades 6-12 and holds assessment results, favorite information on schools and careers, and the student's Academic and Career Plan.  It also meets graduation and academic and career plan requirements.

Please click here to log on to Career Cruising for Birchwood School District students.

If you have any questions about logging on, please contact your Guidance Counselor.