College Visits

Questions to Ask on a College Visit

¨      What size is the campus?
¨      Do they give tours?
¨      Do they offer group information sessions for parents and students?
¨      What majors/programs of study are available?
¨      What percentage of students graduate from the program?
¨      How many students graduate in four years?
¨      How many students transfer?
¨      What services can my college advisor provide me with?
¨      How accessible will my college advisor be for me?
¨      How difficult is it to get the classes that I need?
¨      Is tutoring available?
¨      What is the average class size?
¨      What is the student to teacher ratio?
¨      How easy/difficult is it to access a computer?
¨      Will there be teaching assistants teaching in place of professors?

¨      Is there an enrollment deadline?
¨      What are the standards for admission?
¨      Is an admissions exam required? Which one?
¨      What financial aid is available?
¨      What does financial aid process entail?
¨      Is there a Financial Aid deadline?
¨      Are there any scholarships available, and if so what are the  

¨      Are campus jobs readily available?
¨      What is the total cost of attendance? (tuition, books, etc.)
¨      Is there a job placement service available for students?
¨      What types of jobs are graduates getting?
¨      Is there assistance provided for the students who seek part-time


¨      What type of housing is available?
¨      What types of student activities are available?
¨      What does the community have to offer?
¨      May we see the freshmen dorm rooms ahead of time?
¨      May we eat in one of the student cafeterias?