Fuel Education Online Courses

Online Fuel Education courses are offered through K12 FuelEd Curriculum.  All instruction will be delivered online from a Wisconsin licensed teacher outside of the Birchwood School District.

Please note: 
-Students can take up to two FuelEd courses per school year. 
 -Students can only take FuelEd courses that are not the same or similar to courses                      offered at the Birchwood High School or Birchwood Online Learning Center. (Example: Birchwood offers PE, resulting in a FuelEd PE course cannot be taken.)                                   
-Students will be required to complete a Virtual Education Contract that states students shall be responsible for all costs related to the course if the student receives a failing grade.

For more information about the FuelEd Options see Mrs. Howard

2018-2019 School Year Fuel Education Online Courses

Virtual Education Contract