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Individually Unique-Together Complete

Our Mission:
“We are Birchwood, the innovative community school, engaging students with incredible opportunities that develop individuals who are outstandingly skilled and qualified-both on paper and in person.”

Our school slogan, “Individually Unique-Together Complete” summarizes the makeup of our district as our students have the opportunity to choose from a number of learning environments.  Our students can choose from a traditional classroom setting in our Birchwood Elementary (PK-5), Middle (6-8) or High School (9-12); our Montessori setting at Birchwood Public Montessori (PK-6); our project-based learning setting at the Birchwood Blue Hills Charter School (7-12) or in the virtual setting at the Bobcat Virtual Academy (K-12).  

If you would like more information about our district please contact us at 715-354-3471.  If you are interested in open enrolling into our district.  Please click here.

Please view our Bobcat Re-Opening Fall Planning and Preparation Plan --> Click Here.


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